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I'm work a lot and when I'm done I like to have a bite and a drink from time to time and be nice to have that with someone in the same boat!

I am in my mid-twenties and my fiancé died in early 2011.

At True Match Mixers, we take the pressure out of going on blind dates, casual dates and meetup's.

We realize that every client has different needs so we customize your dating plan accordingly. We are here to put you in the perfect position to have fun while meeting new people. Learn all the secrets to having a successful dating life. We provide guidance and coaching to a new lifestyle.

However, I do think it is probably possible to feel that with someone else, although it might take a while to find him.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all, I loved him when he was alive and I continue to love him now he’s not.

However, friends of mine have recently, gently, been bringing up the subject of me dating again and I find I need some advice on this.

My fiancé was the first man I dated that I really felt I truly loved and could spend the rest of my life with, which is a rare feeling I think.

She is a member of the International Coach Federation.keeping you from your Authentic Happiness??

She has also acquired additional training through Coachville, Coach U, and is a certified Relationship Coach through the Relationship Coaching Institute.

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