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Thus, unlike previous first ladies Libby Pataki, Silda Spitzer and Michelle Paterson, Lee is not legally required to disclose her finances.

Those finances include earnings from TV shows and cookbooks, Sandra Lee cookware at K-Mart, and other endorsement details.

Lee described herself then as a "happy child, living in a warm, carefree, and loving home." Lorraine showed her how to cook at an early age, and also taught her about "stretching a dollar" and saving money, Lee said.

"Grandma Lorraine reminded us what a gift life is and how important it was to embrace the joy in each and every day," Lee shared.

If I’m going to have a mastectomy, am I supposed to just get one done?

It was then that Lee and her sister went to stay with her father's mother, Lorraine, for what was supposed to be a short visit.

"This room makes me happy," she explains when we meet. It's cozy and intimate."It's also full of chatty guests and piped-in jazz — which makes me worry that I'll miss some of what Sandra says. When she was 2, her mother, Vicky, abandoned her and her younger sister Cindy, leaving them in their grandmother's care.

But she plucks the tape recorder from my hand and holds it to her mouth so I'll catch every word. In Sandra's memoir, Made From Scratch, she writes lovingly about her grandmother Lorraine, who taught her to embrace each day and the possibilities that tomorrow could bring.

Lee said that her doctors performed a lumpectomy on her, after which they, along with her radiologist, advised her to get a double mastectomy.

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