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Sasha is pregnant while Jasmin has two children, so both couples are dealing not only with interfaith issues with their partners, but also grappling with how to teach religion to their children.True to form, “True Life” gives an honest, sometimes painful look into the two couple’s lives.Brett P is going mad because his mother's coddled poodle barks at him incessantly. Caleb organizes the nation's first high school Tea Party club.Three people are obsessed with changing the American political system. Two women face the challenges of being bridesmaids.Please also include your name, city, state, contact phone number and recent photo. Have you finally gotten to a place in your life where you’re considering making a big change, like moving away from your twin for the first time…or even making a drastic physical change, just to differentiate and claim your individuality once and for all?Or are you and your twin actually opposites in every way other than looks? Have they done something so bad you just can’t forgive them?If you’re considering drastic measures to distinguish, separate, or distance yourself from your twin, we look forward to hearing your side of the story!

Email us at [email protected] a description of your story. Perhaps you accept and support what they do to pay the bills…or maybe it’s made your life harder and you wish your parents had a more conventional line of work. You know you’re an individual with your own thoughts and opinions but being a twin, does it seem like no one else knows that?This is open to anyone between the ages of 16-28 years. Doron Ofir Casting and MTV’s Award Winning series “True Life” are on a search for fascinating True Life stories and your amazing first-person point of view.For almost two decades MTV has been blazing the trail of documentary storytelling, sharing the unique experiences and perspectives of young adults with the world. Or do you have a parent who makes a living designing, manufacturing or selling sexy toys or other adult products and related goods and services.Her desperation to remain looking as young as possible for as long as possible has driven Chanel to a number of extraordinary lengths, most notably covering her body in animal blood , a process she insists will 'keep the skin looking soft and tight'.Her family, skeptical of the benefits ask for proof, but Chanel is unable to offer anything which backs up her bizarre claims.

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