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tallon Department with 'Id Mtroy lng the most effective energy cohservnllon"program this ' country has ever had" and said his group would Iry. ^ •See PUELoo Page Al T — •The budget hike, ol ,600 came after two years p Misca) austerity at departmenf and wilt fund mainly . OUT TOE OOKE W THESE FWJIES, mp IT WS SOKBWNG Else Bff WU'? So It Invented what lie because they finally fessed up, said theold ■ sfl);wastorcedtobi1ngbadrthenewold€okea3 rltlhon Hhtwagiireven Tnoi VTCaf Uilngrexceptthat~-Tvas really pret ty good afte r all and bro ught It badj^ -the old-new Coke and call It Coke Classictosatlsfy — It Tvasn’t asrealaslhebld Coke aha act Qiilly ' Uiepurlstawh Uerttalnlngthenew-old Coke, , .

It was Die best- co Uto Tevenrenylnrethemselveaolthe tastlngcolalntheworld, BIUCo5bytoldus;and -r greatness of theold Coke (now new again), so th^ : many Of us believed It, although apparently not i ® enoughofmlorthe Coca Titla Companytocon- : thatenaalherealthlng. This monumental flood .iemporarily Increased the Oowof the Snake River a 1000 fold over Its peak that caused Shoshone Pallscould abobe Included.

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and by the Center for Auto Safety, a credits, however, haveruhout. They did He because they o M at the time, the real thing. It would also describe (he catastrophic Snake River near Pocatello. JOSEF HEBERT TTie Associated Press WASHINGTON — Saying the country's two ■ largest automakers will not be able to meet fuel-economy standards, the government on Thuhday .tentatively rolled back overall . Jo Uerpet-galloarcqulremenls for-l G^cars.-r~ It also said It'would consider reductions in future years; ' '2fc 'fransportatlon Department sold the .-.cilllen L.staodard.-or 27. : - — sudi:as T»iaht-dotlng s; -tnn CTiploymcnrnnd^etf Uie TIHTSA'acfc UToir^coi T^i Me'^ The two automakers In recent years have restrlcllonsonconsumercholce could result if tory for consumers who need and want to buy been unable to meet the government Stan- thestandardlsnotchanged,“thcagencysald famliysedansahdstatlonwagons." ■ dard,, but have avoided penalties by using m a statement. For years we were bonated beverages worth any fuss at oil are ginger told It was, but one day the very company thht said —al^rootbecrandcreimsodar So'what’stheblg'' — ~saclrglowlngthlngs about Itdldanabout-faceund- deal? As an alternative to ^ that marker consider the followlngat thebrtdge overlook: The most dramatic fcatureof Southern Idaho is the Snake River Canyon.S miles pv gallon 'Would result In “substantial sales losses for Uie manufacturers and Increased Jiinemploy- ...hjent. TT-flnai regulation Is expecled“Iu{^ years as well. had asked that the 27.5 mpg standard be within a few months when the agency also will' rollback is extended beyond 1966, it might still reduced and warned If no action were taken consider rollbacks In future model years, of- be forced to reduce large cd T production they would be forced to produce fewer large, fidalssald. Petrauskas, Ford’s vice president less-efficient avoid millions of dollars “Serious adverse economic consequences for environment nnd safety englne fri ng, cnll- Inclvli penalties .. Uc Ued a, Commercc Depart- But the action was Im Weaialely dehbvmced credits from previous yeor8-lnwhlch-thejrex--menre SHfnalelhatil(j;o OO auto Industry Jobs by the nation's No. ad^tled that It wasn’t quite as tenlfic as they bad Marketing, that’s What. -somewhaldlfflcultbecausothe Coca-Co Ia Com— - — rjrrr v; pany will have to tell us all over again just how which means they had lied, to us. BO they • - Invented a new Coke (now old, sort of) and passed Jerry Zezima writes for The Stamford (Conn.) ' lhatoffastherealthing. ' Letters Interpret the canyon, aquifeti.: - Youredltorlalb(Ju]yl6concemlngthemarker tocommemorate Evel Knlevel’sabortedflight . That spectacle did generate a great deal of In- terest and there are certainly many who , remember It, but how many will In l Oor ZOyea^ ' ondlsitthesortofthlngwewanttobe ' . An Interpretive g eol Qglcnl display made of m etal and containin g a_ mop and descriptive Information would be dr lasting interest andover the long r\m would entice many more people to prolong their stay in Magic Valley.Once you’ve upgraded your account to a ‘silver’ level membership you’re allowed to view and contact members, and you get 2nd tier billing on the search algorithms.You also get access to the video introduction features of the site, and limited access to the blog community.

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