Lance bass and lacey schwimmer dating dating an old flame again

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"He looks like he knows how to have a good time, and he is a very hot dancer with his moves, and def. Lance Bass tells all about his life, his music, and his sexuality in this candid, compelling memoir.

Six years later the construct of “Dancing With the Stars” is being turned on its head. “When I walked in and saw Derek, I melted a little bit,” she told the audience.He's remained in the spotlight ever since, and here he talks in depth for the first time about his childhood, his astonishing experiences as a young man and Christian growing up in one of the biggest bands in the world, his shock and frustration at the band's eventual dissolution, and his subsequent career, including his six months in Russia, training to become a cosmonaut.He also frankly discusses life as a gay man -- his first same-sex relationship at twenty-one, his struggle to keep his sexuality hidden from *NSYNC's fans in case it jeopardized the band's success, and the true circumstances that led to his decision to publicly come out at the age of twenty-seven.On the latest edition of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, Sonja Morgan took Cohen’s typical spot in the host’s chair and hurled a few questions at the beloved television personality, the most notable of which was this: Former NSYNC band member Lance Bass married Michael Turchin in L. on Saturday, putting the exclamation mark on a love story years in the making."We love each other so much," Bass, 35, says of his artist husband, 27, whom he met almost four years ago at a friend's birthday celebration in Palm Springs, Calif. Someday, celebrities will not need to make any sort of official announcement regarding their sexuality because, quite simply, no one will care and society will be fully accepting of all orientations.

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