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Though you swear To change, Who can tell if you do? If I dare, It's because I'm becoming Aware of us As a pair of us, Each accepting a share Of what's there.Try to imagine two very emotionally unhealthy people enjoying a healthy close relationship. Another way to put this is that the least healthy person in a relationship will dictate the overall health of the relationship.So, your job then is to become an entirely whole, self loving, self assured, self trusting, emotionally healthy, authentic person first.Your future relationships will be all the better for your efforts here.

That spits out a count for every subsequent date, which is then plugged into the probabilities of each being interested further, and so on.

Everyone searches for momentous chemistry, and when it doesn’t arrive within minutes over texting or an hour on a first date, they move on to the next suitor.

In a world with dozens of popular dating apps (all mostly owned by the same company — lol, everything is a lie), most fish in the ocean swim past the blemished and boring.

So in the beginning stages, we’re really only operating on attraction and common interests.

By the third date or so, you either develop a chemistry or you don’t.

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