Cocorosie dating antony

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Since 1993 some of the world most distinguished musicians have been invited to act as the guest directors of Meltdown.

from John Peel through to Massive Attack, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Morrissey and more.

Of course, La Bruce is much more than a celebrated filmmaker, he's also a writer and photographer.

Watch out for a gallery show of his work at Peres Projects in Los Angeles in May that will feature, among other things, a "hardcore zombie splatter movie as an art piece." I spoke to La Bruce when he had just arrived home in Toronto, fresh off a plane from the Zinegoak Festival in Bilbao.

One can hear a pieces of new music "Hairnet Paradise” and “Big and Black” by watching the behind-the-scenes video (by Fernando Portabales) they filmed during the recording process HERE.

More details on the album and song titles, including the exact release date will be announced shortly.

Far from being jetlagged, he was as sharp as a tack as we discussed everything from is about a gay zombie who falls in with a crowd of revolutionary filmmakers. BRUCE LABRUCE: Well, it was a combination of things.

Returning to London for the first time since two sell-out shows at London’s Union Chapel in 2010, sibling duo and enchanted dreamworld dwellers, Coco Rosie have collaborated with Antony many times onstage and in the studio, and will also perform at the event.

AS: Did you also want to turn the horror genre on its head? It's sort of cool for people who write for Indie or alternative papers to be into something mainstream and corporate like .

BL: I wanted to contribute to the genre because I hate a lot of the new horror movies. The idea was to lure in these horror geeks on the promise of a zombie movie and torture them with a tender love story. I think they are a little contemptuous of more quirky, independent, eccentric stuff and there's a little homophobia, too.

Here, in that tradition, is the second-annual list of my top queerest indie songs released in the preceding year .

They tend to fall in three categories: Awesome songs by queer artists, songs by straight artists with overt queer themes or undertones, or the rare intersection: the queer artist with an overtly queer-themed song.

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