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Like when we discuss 13, the American remake of a Georgian film about an underground game of Russian roulette, which he recently completed. "Well, yeah," he says, nervously playing with a cocktail stick. Done me bits of that." I last met Winstone almost 10 years ago, on a beach in Cannes, where he was pressing the flesh for the football-themed charmer There's Only One Jimmy Grimble. She did a play in Hampstead called The Fastest Clock in the Universe – and the reviews have been fantastic. So good luck to 'em." You certainly get the impression that Winstone might be a bit of a softie with his children, but then family is everything to him.

He starts to reel off the "blinding" cast: Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham and 50 Cent. Really good guys." What you don't get with him is any trenchant self-analysis. "I think I drove down there, that time," he says, in another anecdote that suggests how he shuns the high-life as much as possible. So what I do, when I've had enough of it, I can drive out when I want." At the time, Winstone was more than happy with his lot: two performances for his old mates – as an alcoholic abuser in Gary Oldman's Nil By Mouth and a paedophile in Tim Roth's The War Zone – had raised his profile. I don't know what happened politically, or what the row was about ... Doubtless, it stems from his own tight-knit East End upbringing and the support his parents gladly provided.

That's Winstone all over: salt-of-the-earth, he's no Flash Harry when it comes to the film business. While he may not be drinking right now, spending time with Winstone – who now sports a silvery beard and glasses – is like having a chat down the pub with one of the chaps.

Fuelled with bonhomie rather than beer, he's generous to a fault; someone who's loyal to his friends to the last. And my Lois is singing with a band, and she can sing.

The saying, ‘if you can remember the Sixties, you weren’t there’ is disproved in this highly readable romp of a memoir by the ex-model and actress Fiona Lewis.

She was there, flaunting her gorgeous looks on the King’s Road in 1964, and she does remember it — all too well.

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She also has great taste in jackets with multiple zippers and pockets, often cropped short to show off her legs.

It's hard to imagine Hollywood whippersnappers like Leonardo Di Caprio or Matt Damon doing that. "I'm not getting any younger so I've got to keep myself a little bit trim." With his navy pullover stretched over his belly, I'm tempted to ask if he has indeed been eating all the pies, but I don't.

He recently put his name to a pie, a steak-and-kidney concoction called The Winstone.

Their ultimate goal is to discover a vaccine against breast cancer.

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